Rock ain’t about getting an “A”, but Dewey Finn would have gotten one if it were

Someone linked me this earlier this week–some genius has turned the “history of rock” mind map from School of Rock into an actual mindmap, and it is truly beautiful.

This movie was basically my introduction to music as more than just something to be listened to, but as a “way of living”, so to speak. It was also the definitive movie of my childhood* (also my teenage years) (and now my adulthood, what of it), and it’s cool to be reminded that Dewey, for all he was a total dropkick, genuinely knew his shit. I mean, I’ve just finished a unit that is almost entirely covered by this mindmap.

I’m still laughing at the fact that he’s put Zappa and Capt. Beefheart under “?”. Also, it gives me some weird sense of satisfaction that, despite the movie’s problematic treatment of Billy, it was obviously Dewey who taught him about glitter rock/glam.

See now I just really want to rewatch this movie…

*Actually, if I’m being honest, that title would be an even split between this and The Iron Giant (another one which has remained forever relevant), and if you’re not a fan of either pls fight me.