Charles O'Grady

Playwright, poet, journalist, ghost of theatre future


“…if an accident that astronomical can result in human life, if evolution can trip over itself and make you and me, then who knows what wonders could come out of our mistakes.”

Joss and Vic are two good Aussie parents–and they know it. From a nice suburb to prestigious schools to the sacrifice of their own dreams, Joss and Vic have given their two children everything the parenting handbooks said. When Jem, their oldest, comes out as a transgender man, Joss and Vic can do nothing but deny it. As Jem moves out and they fail to fit this new piece of information into the puzzle of parenthood, cracks begin to show in the structure of their sturdy nuclear family.

Telescope is the second work in a cycle by Charles O’Grady, taking a funny and frank approach to the impact of transphobia on the self, the family, and one’s social world. With humour and honesty, Telescope navigates identity, family, absence, and the destruction of the heteronormative family script.

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Director – Charles O’Grady
Producer – Imogen Gardam
Design and Dramaturgy – Saro Lusty-Cavallari

With Caillin McKay and Shevvi Barrett-Brown


“a disarming and thoughtful production which asks questions we should be asking, and does not pretend to have all the answers.”

“The characters in the play speak only in terms of female and male, but what O’Grady puts on stage is a disruption of those simplistic and myopic ways of approaching life.”

“The dialogue cleverly reflects a very specific middle-class wariness of certain issues, a kind of shallowness…Not until the climax does it seem the characters have learned how to directly address things. O’ Grady’s script offers the same cutting, satirical observations seen in Kaleidoscope”

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